Tips for Finding SEO Writing Jobs

Are you interested in working as an SEO writer? There are good writing jobs to be found if you know where to look and as long as you have knowledge of using the right keywords in articles.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) writing jobs are now more in demand than ever. If you want to earn more money by getting extra jobs, SEO writing is highly recommended for you to do. SEO writing requires only that you know how to use and incorporate key search words in your articles. These SEO keywords help draw more traffic to the websites where the articles are in using search engines.

As long as you know where to look and how to maximize the Internet as a job hunting tool, SEO writing jobs are easy to find. Most of these SEO writing jobs are contract-based or are considered freelance work. However, there are also full-time SEO writing jobs available for web sites and some marketing companies who are in need of full-time content writers.

Here are some tips for finding SEO writing jobs

  1. Update all of your writing samples, resumes and cover letters before you start your search for an SEO writing job. It is highly recommended that you make a writing-specific resume for this purpose. If you do not yet know how to do this, you can look for some samples to base on online.
  2. Access a computer and search for “SEO writing jobs” or “SEO freelance writing jobs” in any search engine. If there are no specific results, try searching for “freelance writing jobs”
  3. Once you are done and you have been redirected to freelance writing sites, you can look in their “jobs” section where they will most probably be posting advertisements for job opportunities for writing jobs such as copywriting, content writing, article writing, web writing, and SEO writing or marketing. You can also opt to look for these kinds of online writing jobs in Craigslist under the “part-time writing” sections or the “writing/editing” sections.
  4. Do not stop once you think you’ve found the job that’s right for you. Go through and research each job listing because not all ads are legitimate. Use wits and instincts to tell if the writing job ad is too perfect to be real. As a safety rule, never send money to ads that request funds. It is also a rule not to send personal information such as social security numbers as a requirement to get the job.
  5. Make sure you read and reread the job description and advertisement of any SEO writing jobs before you apply to them. After you update your resume, cover letter, and writing samples, have someone proofread them. Make sure that you also send them to the correct address written on the ad. Sending multiple emails in reply to a single job ad is highly discouraged.