How to Market Yourself as a Freelance SEO Writer

Are you a new freelance SEO writer? Find out how to sell yourself as a professional content marketer.

You are ready to sell yourself as a professional content writer once you have built a credible profile that underscores your capabilities. This means that you have garnered a formidable knowledge of principles and strategies in search engine optimization. Furthermore, you are now ready to utilize these skills to help online entrepreneurs with marketing and promotions initiatives primarily through writing.

Selling Your Expertise to Clients

The first step is to formulate a plan that promotes you as a provider of SEO services. Freelance writers are advised to design an attractive website that will serve as your primary marketing tool. It is also important to find out a reasonable pricing scheme. Likewise, you need to identify expectations, target earnings, capacity in handling projects, competitors and long-term goals. If you have enough funds, you can even hire a website designer or hosting company to package your services.

Assemble a database because this is your source of contacts. From this point, you can start developing your network. Seek out and establish good rapport with companies that provide professional SEO services. These firms always look for freelance writers for legitimate projects. Besides, these organizations already possess a wide set of contacts. Create an impressive portfolio that you can give to these SEO providers and email to personal prospects. Strive to obtain comments about articles that you post on the Internet. You will get better as a writer if you pinpoint your mistakes and work to improve on these blunders.

Start looking for projects. Send out proposals to big companies. You can post ads on job portals or email solicitation notices to SEO service outfits. The second technique is quite complicated since it is most likely that your messages will end up in the junk mail of these firms. So when you finally get a client, give the impression that you are competent and responsible to maintain a long-term relationship with this customer. You can also respond to ads such as Craig’s List for possible jobs in SEO article writing.

Importance of Keywords in SEO Writing

Keyword research is very valuable in search engine optimization. It serves as the core of any SEO campaign. The chosen keywords are always part of the content, website promotions and pay-per-click schemes. The principle of keyword research entails you to scrutinize words that likely customers use to search for your commodities. It will help you influence quality visitors to enter your site. Internet marketing experts know that keyword research can help the site owner to achieve these essential aims:

  • Create a projection of changes in demands of clients.
  • Respond to unpredictable market situations.
  • Create content that customers yearn for.

The fundamental objective is to write the SEO article following the keyword research. The secret is to come up with fewer pages. Yet, articles should be of high-quality and provide information that readers prefer. Your content should not be plagiarized. Keep in mind that exceptional website content is the result of systematic research. These contemporary techniques have been established in the domain of search engine optimization.