How to Make Money as an SEO Writer

Advancements in technology, particularly the Internet, has given way to many online jobs. One of these jobs is SEO Writing.

Writing SEO content can be a lucrative job. Assuming that you are a professional writer or would love to develop your skills in writing, all you need is the time, personal computer and 24-hour (high-speed) internet connection to start this online career. However, it is also important to learn the fundamental principles and unique techniques. This type of writing is quite different from writing for the usual newspapers, magazines and offline publications.

Difference between SEO and Traditional Articles

SEO writing services are distinctive from coming up with the average articles you read in newspapers. You need to acquire the technical concepts. Likewise, it is vital to conduct research on keywords and keyword phrases. One essential point that you should remember is SEO writing influences the success of your campaign in search engine marketing. You have to optimize written output for search engines to locate them. The research that you do for relevant keywords will connect to inquiries made by internet users.

You have to become an expert in front-loading the content if you write website content. What does this mean? The conclusion comes ahead followed by the key questions: These are what, where, when, why and how. In SEO article writing, readers browse through the introductory sentence quickly and figure out the gist of the paragraph. The readers will decide whether to go on reading or not. This process applies to the paragraphs and web pages. The first paragraph should already contain the conclusion of the page.

The text should be divided by clear sub-heads to let visitors find out the topic of each section. All important terms should be underlined in bold fonts. This is especially important for the three words that define the general idea of the paragraph. Bullet points should be used instead of lengthy paragraphs because it is easier to read information up and down. It is more direct to the point.

Available Opportunities for SEO Writers

As SEO article writers, there is an abundance of opportunities for you. You can write web articles, press releases, blog posts, tweets, advertising copies, and newsletters. There are numerous potential clients online. All you need is to send out your profile to companies and website owners who may have requirements for competent writers. You can post the SEO articles if you have a website or in article directories that can be found on the web. Just make sure to put in a resource box for every article which includes your affiliate links and a compelling call-to-action gesture.

Writing can be one of the easiest ways of making money online. It is not necessary for you to go out of the house to talk to possible prospects. All transactions will be done online. There is no need to commute, spend long hours on the road and waste time in traffic. Besides, you enjoy the comfort of working from the comfort of your own home. There are different alternatives that are open to smart entrepreneurs. It is now your decision to select the venture that will go well with your proficiency and preferences. This is what makes the article writing service different.