How to Become an SEO Writer

Learn what an SEO writer does, and how to get started in this career.

Before getting to know what an SEO writer is, you must first understand what SEO is. SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It basically includes a person applying several techniques to help a certain website rank higher in the search engines’ results pages.
SEO writing specifically involves the use of keywords in writing content for a website. The more relevant the website content is to the keywords that internet surfers use to search about a certain topic, the higher the website will rank in search engine results pages. Many companies and businesses pay a lot of money for the services and skills of an SEO writer.

Getting Started as an SEO Writer

A lot of people ask how they can become SEO writers because there is a high demand for them these days. If you want to become an SEO writer, you do not necessarily need to have training or a specific kind of education. What you need is a specific set of skills and the ability to follow directions. In SEO writing, you will need to be able to adhere to precise requirements that your clients set as well as have competent writing skills.

SEO writers are typically freelance writers that advertise their services publicly through the Internet. Most SEO writing jobs are also done remotely, which is why it is one of the popular work-at-home jobs. The first thing you need is initiative and you can find many online opportunities that are available for anyone who is interested in becoming an SEO writer.

Freelance SEO writers are basically given a topic and a set of keyword phrases that they are instructed to use repeatedly in the articles. Keep in mind, however, that you need the right amount of repetition. Overdoing it and repeating the keyword too many times may cause the algorithm, which search engines run on, to classify the article as spam. Repeating them for only a few times, on the other hand, may cause the algorithm to not label your site as relevant to the keyword.

It is also important to know as an SEO writer that your aim is not only to help the website rank higher in search engines to gain more traffic, it is also important that you provide content that will keep the reader on a certain page of the website. Having readers click your link on a search engine results page and having them simply click “back” in the search results will lower a page’s ranking in search results.
The next tip on how to become an SEO writer is to have a sample article, preferably your best or the latest, which you can show to your potential client. These articles must highlight the keywords that were targeted.

One of the ways you can look for an SEO writing job is to research on the clients looking for SEO writers through a search engine as well.